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Drug Recycling Program

Drug Recycling

Utilization of Unused Prescription Drugs Act

Current Oklahoma law allows the transfer of drugs from nursing homes to the Tulsa County Pharmacy. Effective November 2004, the pilot program became a full program, with expanded formulary of all drugs except for controlled substances. Oklahoma Statute 59-367.  Click here

If you are at a nursing home and would like to donate prescriptions, contact Charles Wall, Director of Social Services, Tulsa County, email or Lynn Frame, MD, retired physician, email for more information.

If you want to dispose of expired medications, you can do so at the following locations. List of Medication Disposal Sites.

For a NCSL, National Conference of State Legislatures which keeps every state’s activities up to date. Click here


For A Brief History of the Drug Recycling Program Click here


Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy Rules and Regulations Link to Pharmacy Board


National Assn. of State Legislatures offers studies on important activities from member states.  This site will display legislation concerning medication recycling. Click here


Blue Cross Blue Shield awarded the Champions of Health Award to the Tulsa County Recycled Medication Program. Champions of Health Award.

Medicine Prescription

Drug Recycling Program for November 2023


Prescriptions Filled


Average Wholesale Price value

November 2004 to November 2023


Prescriptions Filled


Average Wholesale Price of Medication

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